Hello world!

“Hello world!”

That is the title that WordPress gives your introductory post when you set up a new blog. Interesting, I think, because it is so very true. As technology marches forward, the face of journalism is changing rapidly. Basically, the world is open to anything and everything you need or want to say- though whether the world cares is another story entirely. It is time for those who wish to tell stories to get on that proverbial bandwagon.

So here I am. I have a blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn page, and a YouTube channel. I am more connected than I have ever been in my career as a print journalist and editor. Will this be easy? Probably not. The adage “Old habits die hard” exists for a reason. Will it be interesting? I truly believe it will be. Will it be challenging? I would be lying to myself, and to anyone who may happen to stumble onto this post, if I said it will be anything other than extremely challenging. However, I am definitely up for it.

So join me. Follow along as I learn this semester how to use the the tools available and gradually shift from a print writer to a multimedia journalist. I’m ready if you are.


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