Twitter scavenger hunt fun

This was an interesting assignment. We divided into teams, and then we had a list of things we were supposed to report about using Twitter. Sounds simple enough, right? As usual, it wasn’t. First, I had an old version of Echofon for Twitter on my phone; that didn’t work well for posting tweets on the spot. Thank goodness I actually wrote things down too. Secondly, I’ve never used TwitPic (never a need before), so I had to take the pictures on my phone, bring them home, download them, set up TwitPic, then post. All in all, not difficult, but definitely not as “on the go” as the assignment was meant to be.

In any event, this is what I was supposed to look up and what I found during the process:

School spirit: this was left up to our interpretation. I found Tabitha Holcombe and her awesome button on the bus.

Scenic spot: this one was easy; my favorite scenic spot this year, since I’ve never experienced it exactly this way is

Little-known fact: not sure if everyone knows this or not, but Marian Gallaway (theater in Rowand-Johnson Hall is named for her) was the theater director until the mid-seventies. She was also a friend of Tennessee Williams. Heused her surname for many of his characters. The rumor is that she was the inspiration for Blanche (A Streetcar Named Desire) and that she still haunts the theater. Oh…and that her husband ran off to have an affair with Williams, but I don’t know about that part.

The other pieces of the puzzle, that my partner tweeted about were regarding an eating spot on campus and a professor’s quote about social media’s impact. I think she also did school spirit.

The main thing about this little exercise? It makes you realize how important it is to have all of the necessary technology right at your fingertips.


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