Procrastination ends up with a story after all?

Ok, so I am back to that whole “think before you say something” concept. If you read my last post, you will know that I selected to do a story on the effects of HB56 on the reconstruction of Tuscaloosa. What I didn’t know, when I selected the topic, was that I was going to have to tie in a story regarding U.S. Representative Terri Sewell.

Sewell was the speaker at a meeting of the Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce and Tuscaloosa Rotaract Club joint Luncheon in early October. As part of the same class, we were required to attend the luncheon and tie into our ongoing coverage of our chosen story. My issue, quite expectedly, arose from the fact that, at the time, Representative Sewell did not address HB56 or any of its effects. This wasn’t surprising, given the environment at the time, but it did make for a rather difficult story.

Adding to the “problems” surrounding the development of the story was my aforementioned “aspiration” to develop my standup and video editing skills. I got some decent video footage of Terri Sewell (she is a good speaker) at the luncheon, but given that she didn’t directly address my topic, I had to get a little creative. My standup is not professional quality- I must say that this entire experiment has helped me to reaffirm my conviction that I am NOT a broadcast journalist- but I hope it has at least made a bit of progress, maybe from bumbling idiot to uncomfortably succinct. At the very least, you can see my standup from the Indian Hills Country Club in Tuscaloosa, the site of the Rotary Club luncheon.

I delayed my story on Terri Sewell just a bit, mainly because I could not get any information just after the luncheon. For once, procrastination paid off just a little, because shortly afterward, Rep. Sewell gave another speech, and this time she did mention Alabama’s immigration bill. In fact, she had decided opinions on the effects of the bill. While it does not tie directly to rebuilding efforts in Tuscaloosa, I was still able to draft something for my story line.


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