About Jenn

My picGeorge Bernard Shaw wrote, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” The best part of that quote is that it leaves infinite    possibility on the table. If we are only looking for something, then when we find it, there it is. If we are creating something, only we have the power to say when it is complete.

For 15 years, I have worked in the securities industry, first in sales, then in compliance. I still work there (for now), but all I have ever truly wanted to do is work as a journalist. From the magazine I designed about my family when I was eight years old to the covers of Southern Living and Vogue I pasted on my wall in high school, from my college newspaper to the tear books I still maintain to this day, I wanted to be a journalist. I won’t go into a long story about the paths we follow and looking back wondering how we got to where we are. The bottom line is, I made a career in a field out of necessity, and the whole time hoped that I would eventually be able to do what I truly wanted to do.

In actuality, I have been working AS a journalist for a while. In 2007, I tried to make the leap into the field I love, and I was able to gain almost three years of reporting and magazine editorial staff experience before the economy, and other circumstances, dictated a return to compliance. I remained, however, unwilling to give up all I had learned and even more motivated than ever to make this my life’s work. I continued to freelance write and edit for a variety of publications and, while it took a few years, I made the most important decision of all. I returned home, put myself back in school to learn more about what journalism takes in the new and ever-changing age we live in, and promised myself that I would no longer let life get in my way.

The pages here are part of keeping that promise. I am a journalist, with developed writing and editing skills, an eye for layout and design, and a passion for telling a story in the best way possible. My resume can tell you all about what I have done. The pages here can give you an idea of what I can do. Put them together, and you can probably see a bit of who I am. But not for long – I am still creating.


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